by David Ellis

With a twist that literally takes your breath away!

Just a few days away from their civil ceremony, Hugo and Ben's lives couldn’t be more perfect. Hugo is a talented assistant curator at a local art museum, while Ben is a successful advertising executive. Everyone views them as the 'dream couple' - with the exception of Ben’s snooty, disapproving mother. Their long awaited honeymoon vacation to South Africa had finally arrived and it had become everything they'd hoped for. Then on their last day, the two handsome men find themselves lured by adventurous sexual fantasies - surrendering to the temptation of extramarital affairs. Unfortunately for Ben, it costs him his freedom.

Torn apart by a kidnapping, an abductor that wants payment beyond the usual monetary ransom, Hugo’s world is turned upside down as he tries all he can to locate his man. Slowly, he becomes exposed to a world of crime tucked beneath the murky shadows of beautiful Cape Town. But with the help of new friends, Hugo has the strength to remain hopeful and optimistic that he’ll soon see Ben again.

gay captive

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The story of Hugo and Ben will have you continuously guessing as it takes you down the most unexpected paths. This book is a journey of love and heartbreak, with a twist that will literally take your breath away. Be prepared to become ensnared in a mysterious web of intrigue as one man’s search for his husband leads to self-discovery and tragedy.

About the Author

David Ellis has worked in the UK's National Health Service for 25 years as a consultant liaison psychiatrist. He was an undergraduate at St Peter's College, Oxford and then a research scholar at Worcester College. His first foray into print was when writing on music technology to supplement his medical school grant. He has written books on medical computing and using computers to make music. He co-authored a book and software package to teach anatomy to medical students. He enjoys painting on large canvases and making sourdough bread. He lives in North London with his husband and two cats. He doesn't eat meat and has a personal trainer.