Star Crossed Jolene Poole

Worlds Apart

She could hear them creeping down the hall.
They were making their way to her room.
She would have screamed,
but she was too afraid to move.
Who were they coming for tonight?
Her? Her siblings? Her parents?
What did they want?

As her door opened and she started to scream,
figures that seemed nothing more than blurs
were grabbing at her,
dragging her from her bedroom.
They were moving too fast
for her to fully comprehend what they were. . .
Suddenly, there were flashing lights.
Bright white lights shining on her.
She had been stripped of most of her clothing
and was strapped to a cold stainless steel table.

She could hear the whizzing and buzzing of things around her,
though she couldn't see anything yet.
Then there were people around her.
Some of them looked human
and others had a bluish-silver tint to their skin.
Before she had the chance to concentrate on their faces,
they were cutting into her.

author jolene poole

When his world declares war on hers,
she is torn between defending her planet and the alien she has come to love.

Jolene Poole
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Star Crossed: Worlds Apart

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