The Novel by Lois Wood

Ethereal: an intriguing tale of lust, confusion and sex.

Sheena is starting life over again, but has she learnt from the errors of her past?

Mid-30s Sheena has started over: leaving behind her painful life of being married to a verbally abusive alcoholic and begins a new life as a mature-age student in another state. Inadvertently, this leads to living something of a covert double life. Into this life walks her unforgettable philosophy professor Mr Goodwood who teaches his students about there being no original thought or creation in the universe - and that everything revolves around and is to do with sex. He regularly has sex with his students to reinforce this theory, two or three at a time if he can manage it. That is, until Sheena happens to him. He finds her as mysterious and intriguing as she does him. Each with their own dark secret, the pair set about righting their own personal, moral wrongdoings in order to commit fully to the possibility of an actual relationship with their fast-developing soul-mate. However, coincidence is a bitch, and both of their worlds come crashing down around them as their two secrets unexpectedly collide in the most awkward of ways.

Ethereal - lois wood

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Lois Wood is a pun-loving, London-born-and-bred, now Novocastrian-wannabe (in Newcastle, Australia) whose debut novel Bacon Sleep Sex was released in 2015. When she's not traveling to/around Asia and teaching English, she can be found dispensing nutrition advice, running marathons or trail running, travel writing, working for health organisations, and of course: writing fiction, as can be seen in the fictitious tale you've just read: Ethereal. She also finds it mildly bemusing that readers often think and ask her if the protagonists in her books are based on herself, and hastens to add that no, they are entirely fictional, as is every other character in her stories (i.e. Lois Wood has definitely never been a high-class prostitute, nor a philandering philosophy professor). She resides in a quiet suburb of Newcastle, NSW, with her fiancé and free-range guinea pigs. At the time of publication Lois is on the cusp of motherhood and is about to become a full-time mum. She's absolutely thrilled about this next chapter of her life, and hopes to continue reading and writing fiction in between feeding and changing the little one. Watch this space…