Do Not Feed The Clown is not a political diatribe suggesting we starve all clowns, since they are depleting our food supply. Nor is it a book full of paint-by-the-number clown jokes from 1953 (sorry to disappoint). Instead, it is a box full of satirical delights and irreverent parodies.

Consisting of 34 short works, it highlights the absurdities of our socio-political climate, tackles the mayhem of our news cycle, and highlights the inconsistencies of our cultural norms. This is a countercultural book, a bit of a challenge to the system, but in a lighthearted way and in the tradition of the court jester.

do not feed the clown book

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Matt Nagin is a writer, actor, filmmaker, and standup comedian. His poetry has been published in Antigonish Review, Dash Literary Journal, Oxford Magazine and The East Bay Review. Other written work has appeared in Writer's Digest, The New York Post, and In Recovery Magazine. His first poetry collection, "Butterflies Lost Within The Crooked Moonlight," was released in 2017. Kirkus Reviews referred to it as "powerful verse from a writer of real talent." In 2018, his poem, "If We Are Doomed," won The Spirit First Editor's Choice Award. Matt has performed standup in seven countries, in movies and on TV, and serves as a Talent and Show Coordinator for the Gotham Comedy Foundation, a charitable organization. His first comedic short film, "Inside Job," premiered at The Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, where it won Best Short Film. It has gone on to appear at six festivals, winning other awards such as Best Supporting Actor at The Nice International Film Festival.
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