Excerpt from The Horn Book - The original English translation of "Instruction libertine, ou Dialogues entre Charles et Justine sur la theorie physique de l'amour et les diverses manieres de s'en procurer les plaisirs materiels" -

Not only does it give the instruction to 63 unique sexual positions, but also describes various techniques on tribadism, advanced methods for the onanist and lessons in the prevention of Fecundation.

the horn book anonymous

45 Sideways
The man is placed on the edge of an arm-chair across it; his back reclining against one of the arms. The woman sits also crossways, one arse-cheek on the man's knee, holding on to his shoulder. Her other posterior with uplifted thigh reposes on his belly, her foot on the arm of the chair to enable him to introduce his prick in her cunt from underneath. She leans her other hand on the back of a chair behind her, on the bottom rail of which her lover places his feet to support her. With one hand he clutches her by the lower part of her back and with the other strokes, feels and pats her breasts, belly and even round her hairy gap, although his prick is fast held within it. The lovers are hard at work and, as ever, with gasps and sighs of rapture, finish by discharging admirably.

46 The Good Wife and Mother
(... Too weird to put on the site ...)

47 Pedestal Fucking
On a pedestal, or a fragment of a column, a cushion is placed; the corner of a table will do as well, or any other piece of furniture about two feet and a half high. The woman sits on the cushion; the man is before her, between her thighs which she lifts, so that her knees come up to his armpits. She holds him round the neck, crossing her legs behind his back and he, standing up, directs his prick in the willing cunt, which, distended to the utmost, awaits it impatiently. He then clasps her to him with both hands by her backside and loins. The woman is supported by the " os coccyx " barely touching the cushion, and this position resembles " The Herculean Feat " (No. 23), but is much less tiring. A very supple-bodied female will not need to put her legs round the man's body, crossing them behind his back, but will lift them up on to his shoulders. The prick enters well within when her knees are under his armpits, but bores still further into her vagina in the last manner I have just described, but which is more fatiguing and can only be realised with a young and flexible - jointed female - a ballet girl for instance.

48 Waste Not, Want Not
The woman lies on her back on the bed, her thighs as open as possible so that the knees are drawn up almost touching her nipples. The man mounts upon her, placing her calves on his shoulders, to keep her legs and thighs uplifted. He pushes his piercer into the cunt which is well exposed ready for his thrusts and is gaping open. As he drives backwards and forwards to satisfy her lubricity, he leans the weight of his shoulders on her calves each time he shoves his drill into the hairy chasm. Each shove of his arse drives his manly staff yet a little more in. Meanwhile he caresses all her charms, and his happy victim feels the darling prick touching her very soul, and, when about to discharge, the man should make no backward movement, but remain buried to the root and thus his throbbing cock plugs completely up the entrance and prevents the spunk that spurts into her vitals flowing out again. His partner should press forward, opening herself as much as she can to receive his burning offering and spend herself at the same time. Not a single drop is lost by this method.

49 The Grand Entrance
The woman is seated in the edge of a sofa, her thighs open, the knees well back and uplifted, her legs bent under so that her heels touch her buttocks, and her toes are supported by cushions piled up until on a level with the sofa. A pillow is behind her for her back to lean upon. The man goes down on his knees between the cushions on which her feet rest. He approaches the place of worship where his advent is impatiently expected and plunges in until their two bushes become as one, putting his hands underneath the lady's arse, to draw her towards him, while at the same time he lunges and retreats with all the strength of his loins. Their faces meet: and so do their quivering tongues, while both her marble bum and his brawny arse join in the dance. Soon the fire of pleasure burns with intensity and their mutual and copious gushes of lustful quintessence prove, by the excess of salacious joy experienced, the merit of this fascinating posture, called with truth " The Grand Entrance ", as the two folding doors of the femine laboratory as naturally completely open. (Here the dialogue, which has been more or less a monologue, was interrupted by the entrance of the punctual charwoman, heralded by a timid honeymoon knock at the door. It was six o'clock and she brought the dinner, and laid the cloth. During the repast, the conversation became uninteresting on account of the presence of the faithful " slavey ". whom it was unnecessary to scandalise, although she knew perfectly well the extent of the understanding that reigned between Charlie and Maud. When appetite was satisfied, the old woman cleared everything away, but did not forget to leave on the table another clean service, some cold viands, wine, spirits and mineral waters, for fear the lovers should feel inclined to pick a little bit before retiring for the night, and she disappeared with strict orders not to trouble unless she heard the bell. The door bolted, Maud reclined upon the sofa and, summoning her lover, begged him, to continue the subject he had let drop when dinner was served. Charlie, as usual, wanted but very little asking and started again to finish the lecture that so excited his mistress)

50 The Donkey Ride
This is a very amusing manner, but it is not everybody who can carry it out successfully. You must first get a donkey, not too obstinate, and the lovers must have some idea of how to ride these capricious beasts without being frightened, and the woman must mount like a man. In these bicycling days there should be no difficulty about so small a matter. The woman cocks her leg over the donkey's back, where there is no saddle, only a rug, and a pair of shortened stirrups. If the spot chosen for this randy ride is not secluded enough for the cavalier and his lady to be completely naked, the female must lift up her petticoats back and front, lean forward encircling the donkey's neck with both her arms, throwing up her arse by rising in the stirrups. The man mounts behind her, leans back, holding on the donkey's tail with one hand, while with the other he slips his cock into the loving cunt dog-fashion which, by the position she is now in, is easy enough. When all is ready, the woman, empaled, drops down between her fucker's thighs, and her lover catches hold of the animal's tail with both his hands behind him. Now they dig their knees into the donkey's sides, which starts him off and at the same time holds them fast in the postures they have chosen. The donkey trots and shakes their backsides well right and left. That movement increases their pleasure and, when they are about to spend, the lover pulls the ass's tail, which finally causes him to kick out behind, or jib, however patient by nature he may be, forcing the man's prick to penetrate still further, to the great and certain voluptuous satisfaction of both parties. But they must not lose their head when they lose their cream, as it sometimes happens, for then the jibbing beast gets rid of his double burden and the lovers find themselves on the ground with all their spendings knocked out of them.

51 The Gunner and the Cannon
The woman lies on her back and loins; arse, thighs and legs outside the bed and across it man stands in front of her, taking one of her feet in each hand just above the ankle and holds them up as high as possible, a trifle forward, but straight up and open. He can thus take a proper view of the breech and point his rammer to clean the cannon. He pushes his prick forward and by his position it should slip in by itself. Once within, he shoves on with might and main, at the same time thrusting up and down one or the other of the legs he holds, or both together, which causes all sorts of varied motions to be felt inside the cunt, not for getting nippings and rubbings which voluptuously excite the thrice happy prick, making it stiffer than ever, and communicating to the two working partners indescribable pleasure, which finishes - alas! but too soon - by a double reciprocal ejaculation.

52 How to Get a Boy
The woman lies on her back on the bed across it, her legs outside. The man stands up in front of her and takes up her right leg at the calf, placing it under his left arm. With his right he lifts up the left leg of the woman, which he places straight up the calf reaching thus to the front of the right shoulder, at the side of his face. With one hand he opens the lips of the eager woman's lower mouth, plants his prick inside and shoves away with his arse until he spends, being careful to first try and time himself so as to ejaculate at the same moment as the female, and secondly to drive his emitting cock in as far as his strength will permit, so that not the least drop precious liquor shall he lost. The opinion of several learned doctors, specialists for the generative organs, is that to get a boy the woman must have the right side lower than the left when being fucked, so that the man's seed should fall towards the right flank, where they opine male children are always conceived.

53 How to Get a Girl
This is the same posture, only the man tucks under his right arm the left thigh of the female. Then with his left hand the lifts the woman's right leg straight up, so that her right side is higher than the left. The rest as in the preceding position, where I have explained the idea of the learned authorities. It results from these two postures, and from the reasons given, that we might attain the same result in many different ways of fucking ( " The Ordinary ", " The Inseparables ", Nos. 1 and 2, or any other where the woman lies on her back; her arse uplifted by cushions or a pillow), as long as we do not forget that, where the birth of a boy is desired, the woman should have her left side higher than the right and " vice versa ", if she yearns to bring yet another cunt into the world, to delight the butterfly rogerer who flits from flower, tasting the honey of each. There can never too many cunts on this earth!

54 The Living Mattress
The man lies on his back stretched out at full length on the bed, his prick stiff standing like Nelson's monument. The woman mounts upon him and takes her place as in the " Empalement Backwards ", (No. 20). When she has herself lodged the column in its nook, she stretches out her thighs on those of her companion and leans backwards, reclining with her shoulders upon his chest, and she turns her face towards him a little to give and receive lascivious kisses. Thus she rests as upon a mattress, and the man, his tongue between her lips, presses her titties, her belly, the bushy mount and the clitoris, passing his hands from behind over her sweet body. They move gently and cautiously, as with heavy strokes the prick might slip from its prison, as in this posture it does not advance very far into the cunt, where the woman can, however, keep it in its place with her hand. To perform properly thus a long prick is needful and a fellow boasting such a weapon will have no need to fear injuring his mistress.



1 The Selfish Gamahuche
The woman places herself on a pedestal, the shaft of a column, or a light small piece of furniture, such as a night-table, on which there is just room enough for her arse. At either side hangs a rope, which she grasps, and throws herself backwards, seated on the edge of the pedestal so that her " os coccyx " alone supports her body. By this her arse and cunt are thrown well forward; her legs and thighs are wide open and her feet are placed left and right on the backs of two chairs standing at each side of her table. Thus her knees are bent up to her breasts and the man goes down on his knees between the chairs and her open thighs. He presses his mouth to the cunt so prettily offered and exposed, thrusting in his tongue and tickling the clitoris with the end of it; and moistening his middle-finger he quickly inserts it into her dark little hum-hole while, forming a two- pronged fork with that finger and the index, he folds hack the other digits and insinuates the latter in the cunt Now all is at work at once, and soon the lady finds herself in heaven and gratefully shoots her soft roe into the mouth of her sucking lover.

2 Selfish Heads and Tails
The man being on his knees leaning backwards, supported by a pile of cushions, the woman comes and places herself upon him, her face on his knees, her belly on his breast her head towards the ground, her arse up in the air, legs and thighs wide open, her feet and knees under the arms of the man, right and left He has thus well within his reach the cunt and arse of the woman, but much higher up than in the description " Sixty-Nine Reversed " (No. 4 Chapter 1, 2nd Section " ante "). The man grasps a bum-cheek with each hand, opens the cunt-lips, parting the hair, thrusting in his tongue and making active play on the clitoris. He can do the same to the arse-hole, or plunge therein a moistened finger. He feels and slaps the bottom, rummages every-where with his hands, but as it is necessary for the woman to use her hands to sustein her body head downwards she cannot frig her lover. Neither can she suck his prick, because she has to keep her head up so that the blood shall not rush to her brain as it has a tendency to do as a result of this position. Soon a flood of feminine essence fills the nose and mouth of the man, proving the happy effect of this style of lascivious enjoyment.

3 Face Fucking
The man lies at full length on the bed; the woman being on her knees facing his feet, above his shoulders, straddling on his face, the thighs wide open. She leans backwards, one hand on the pillows to support her body. The man's face is thus between the woman's thighs and he gamahuches her with the most voluptuous play of his tongue. He passes one hand between her body and the back of one of her thighs and presses the small of her back to draw her towards him. He forms the fork with index and middle-finger of his other hand, closing the other fingers, and pushes one in the arse-hole and the other in the cunt and shoves them in and out, turning them about in every direction, until he feels two orifices nip and pinch him through the palpitations of lust, and at last an abundant discharge bedews his face and drops into his mouth.

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