Brazil, Brasil... Welcome to Brasil!

A book by Walter Heiser

"Welcome to Brasil!" A journey to the beaches, by-ways, bars and nightclubs of Brasil.

Wander from Rio to Belem and encounter party girls, errant husbands, muggers, beach boys, prostitutes, on-the-prowl office staff and the occasional attack dog. Straying far from the beaten tourist path and the “official” Brasil of the elite, “Welcome to Brasil!” explores the exotic beaches, cheap bars and seamy streets of Brasil’s small towns and aging cities. Serious yet comical in tone, “Welcome to Brasil!” pulls no punches. The harsh Brasilian reality awaits vividly and blinders off. Welcome!!

"Pure Fiction yet Very Real!"

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Welcome to Brasil book

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The story behind: “Welcome to Brasil!”

Tired of the false gloss and glitter of the Brazil of television-land, the glorified criminality and gore of the Brazil of Hollywood and the “politically correct” Brazil of the guidebooks and web, the author set out to expose the real Brasil. This is a journey to the teaming cities, tired small towns, beaches, by-ways, bars and nightclubs of Brasil. The warmth and eternal optimism of the down but not out Brasilians is there side-by-side with the vice, crime and poverty that pervades Brasilian society.
Fictional but real, “Welcome to Brasil!” will open eyes.